Plastic Free Coffee Break

On my first work day in July, I quickly realised that my usual coffee break would have to change. In fact, it seems almost every consumable product I use at at the office has come in plastic packaging: from printer paper to toilet paper, bin liners to biscuits.  But of course it’s the essential coffee (with milk) with a biscuit (or two), which breaks up the afternoon nicely, that I knew I had to give up.

A few weeks on, I’m glad to say I survived quite fine (with a few cheeky visits to the café). But knowing that I could, I just had to have my own plastic-free coffee break. I’ve made myself some tasty muesli slice, picked up some milk in a glass bottle, and on my regular visit to Friends of the Earth picked up some Fairtrade ground coffee, and now I find myself at the coffee machine…

Coffee machine with jars containing coffee and milk

I have to say it wasn’t that impressive — it just tasted like any other latte — but perhaps slightly sweetened with the knowledge that no plastic packaging was involved in it’s production. I know the Internet really didn’t need another picture of a coffee, but I am too proud to care!

Mug of coffee and a plate of muesli slice


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